Digital city three-dimensional modeling overall solution

  • Time: 2012-08-21 13:00:08
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With the rapid development of China's economy, the real estate industry at all levels of cities are developed increasingly, many new buildings are constructed. Because the buildings and the roads at all levels are constructed very fast, the demand on urban geographic information database update frequency is even higher. The cities at all levels need a fast record and update the electronic construction information system, so as to save, manage andreproduce the status of the urban construction in each period. ROCTEC Technology, as a high-tech enterprise, has mature mobile GIS mapping system. IP-S2 Lite system is very suitable for this work. In digital city construction, IP-S2 Lite system implements a brand new data collection, recording and analysis mode.



For the digital city three-dimensional modeling overall solution, ROCTEC Technology explained clearly the solution by taking the digital three-dimensional modeling of Haiyou Street, Sanhe City, Hebei Province as an example: IP-S2 Lite mobile GIS mapping system is used in digital city three-dimensional modeling of Haiyou Street. The specific implementation plans are as follows:


Software requirements:  

Software Name

Respective companies

Place of origin

Function realized

S2Lite Controller



IP-S2 Lite field operation data collection

S2Lite MovieMaker



IP-S2 Lite film-making

S2Lite CVMaker



IP-S2Lite movie giving the coordinates of each pixel; Image correction; Coordinate localization

S2Lite for a-GIS



Realizing movie data collection, twodimensional and three-dimensional data linked; Adding CG identity; Measuring any elements and other functions.




Fast 3D modeling and texture extraction method based on video

Effect realized:

Extracting the digitized results and characteristics with S2 Lite for A-GIS module on ArcGIS platform. The results, in measurable image data collected, can be used for extracting the characteristics and structure lines with S2 Lite for A-GIS module on ArcGIS platform.

Furthermore, measuring the road width and object height, adding and storing the necessary attribute at the critical sections.

If the current sections in the near future will have new construction projects or public facilities, we can also use this platform to introduce the public facility model designed, for feasibility analysis.

Fast three-dimensional modeling in 3D PCCI. The measurable image data collected by IP-S2 Lite equipment can be used in 3D PCCI, to generate quickly three-dimensional model with texture. The texture can be extracted automatically, eliminating the tedious mapping program of the general modeling software, increasing the efficiency thereby.




As a new overall solution of digital city, IP-S2 Lite equipment and its post-processing software has three major advantages, i.e. easy to operate, saving time, high-precisionthroughout the project construction. The seamless connection of the module and geographic information platform also let the data result be used at right place, i.e. the data is used in the project.