Overall solution on tunnel cross-section measuring

  • Time: 2012-09-03 15:01:22
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ROCTEC Digital has currently the tunnel engineering construction monitoring and measuring overall solution on highway, railway, subway and son on. Construction site monitoring and measuring is an important element in the tunnel construction. It is the protection measure on construction safety, and also the effective mean to optimize the structure, reduce the consumption of materials, to guarantee construction period. It is also an indispensable part to realize tunnel information construction.

"Tunnel Monitoring and Measuring Information System TMMIS" is designed especiallyfor tunnel and underground project. Based on years of monitoring technology and experience, it adopts state-of-the-art computer technology and scientific data processing method, for data analysis monitoring and unified management. The software can manage and analyze timely and quickly large quantity of monitoring data, saving a lot of time for monitoring data analysis and management. After setting safety alert value, when the monitoring data reaches this value, the system will give in time early warning and alarm, and accumulate also the experience for similar projects.

Features and Functions

1Covering the whole process of tunnel monitoring and measurement, including the plan preparation, data collection, data analysis and processing, trend forecasting, message feedback, generating automatically original data records and analysis diagram. One set of software completes all the works of monitoring and measurement, saving time and labor;

2Processing the measured data of convergence indicator, leveling instrument, total station and other monitoring instruments;

3Monitoring data collectionin automatic / manual mode (automatic mode shall be equipped with motor-driven total station);

4Drawing automatically the diagram with monitoring data changing over time, such as: rate diagram, acceleration diagram, knowing the changes of the measured data;

5Setting up tunnel monitoring database, convenient for data archiving, management, inquiry, comparison and analysis;

6Drawing the multi-state diagram for comparative analysis, comparing the monitoring data between different locations or different tunnels;

7Drawing the multi-state diagram for comparative analysis, comparing the monitoring data between different locations or different tunnels;

8Predicting the time needed for the monitoring data changes to the specific values, proposing the reasonable time of lining works;

9Setting warning limit value, giving timely early warning and alarm;

10Summarizing all kinds of surrounding rock deformationfor statistics, giving guidance for the determination of the deformation allowance;

11Unified and convenient on-site photo management, supporting different locations or points attached with scene photos.

Types of the monitoring data to be generated automatically

1On-site supervision and measuring plan;

2Actual measuring points layout;

3Displacement - time plot, regression curve of the monitoring data;

4Rate - time plot, regression curveof the monitoring data;

5Acceleration - time plot, regression curve of monitoring data;

6The spatial relationship diagram of the monitoring data;

7Geological observation record sheet;

8Surrounding convergence measurement record sheet;

9Dome roof settlement measurement record sheet;

10On-site supervision and measurement instructions;

Drawings of some software interfaces